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Latest Updates
05/21/2012Removed leading wildcard from Find Symbol
05/21/2012Got rid of text decoration in top nav
05/21/2012check for no findSymbol parameter on Find Symbol page and don't call db if no parameter
05/21/2012Linked up history page to number of days links on quotedetail page
05/21/2012formatting in quotehistory. Number formatting with 2 behind decimal. Date formatting from mysql date.
05/21/2012Numerous CSS updates.
05/23/2012update mysql password and update include
05/23/2012Move formatting functions to dbutil.inc
05/23/2012no results message on find symbol
05/23/2012no results message on get quote
06/02/2012More number and dollar formatting functions to dbutil.inc with integration on quotedetail and history
06/02/2012redirect to symbol lookup when symbol doesn't exist
06/02/2012added Last link to quote history to allow navigate back to detail without typing

SQL injection
improve user help in quote lookup

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